Worth Sharing: Stockpiling – The Blessing of Stockpiling

I came across this article on one of the blogs that I read. Deb, at Frugal Living and Having Fun, has some really great tips on how to build a stockpile. I really think you will enjoy reading the article and learning from it.

Stockpiling – The Blessing of Stockpiling

According to the Webster dictionary, the word “Stockpile” is defined as such: accumulating and storing a reserve supply

So basically, you are doing just that. You are accumulating and storing a “reserve” of food, and health & beauty aids for your family’s needs. However, you just don’t accumulate these things when they are NOT ON SALE! I would even go as far as saying, “You don’t accumulate these things unless they are ON SALE & You have a coupon to stack on top of a sale.” You are stockpiling things you need for your homes at “Rock Bottom Prices”, so you never have to pay full price again!! That’s right. “Never Pay Full Price Again!! How does that sound?? That is how you can keep your grocery bill down!!

The Rest of the Story…

When your done reading the article you are going to want to check out the pictures of her stockpile. Scroll down the page.