Sunday – October 2, 2011: Expect at least four (4) inserts, possibly six (6) in this weeks newspaper

by Sharon on September 30, 2011

October 2, 2011

From what I’m hearing there will be at least four  (4) inserts in this Sunday’s Newspaper. Some people are reporting we could get as many as six inserts.  You may want to pick up a couple extra newspapers.

Expect these four inserts:

  • Smart Source
  • Red Plum
  • P & G Brandsaver
  • Moments to Save Coupons(Pepsicola)

There’s a possibility we could receive these two inserts as well:

  • Komen Race for the Cure
  • Everyday Saver, Playschool

For a complete list of what coupons you can expect to see check out The Sunday Coupon Preview.

Normally the newspaper with the largest circulation in your state has the best coupons. But don’t rule out your local paper. Always check the newspaper you are buying, before you pay for them, to make sure all the coupon inserts are there.

I find that a good rule of thumb is to purchase one newspaper per family member and one extra newspaper for stockpiling.

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