Big Oven: Making you a better cook. Check out this website…

I came across this website I just had to share with you. It’s called Big Oven, and it is all about getting you organized, unstuck and inspired in the kitchen.

They have one section that is called Big Oven Leftover Wizard. It lets you add up to three food items that you have in your refrigerator or cupboard and then give you a number of different recipes that will use those items. I’m thinking this tab will work really great when you get something so cheap at the grocery store that you have to buy two dozen cans. Like the Ortega Black Beans that I got this week at Meijer for only $0.03 a can. You won’t believe how many black bean recipes this site has.

They also have a section for: What’s in Season, What’s for Dinner, Recent Raves, and Friends. What the Friends Tab does is pull recipes that your friends are sharing on Facebook.