Swagbucks – Start Earning Today

If you’re not using Swagbucks for your search engine, Start Earning Today and get 30 free Swag Bucks just for joining.

Swagbucks is a search engine like Yahoo or Google. The only difference is, Swagbucks pays you to use their search engine.

Swagbucks are digital dollars that you can spend on gift cards and other prizes.

Once you’ve signed up for Swagbucks, you going to want to download the toolbar

You can earn daily Swagbucks by just using the toolbar.

Use the Toolbar for all your internet searches and you will earn random Swagbucks, some as high as 50.

Once you’ve downloaded the toolbar, you can earn extra points each day by going to the following places on the toolbar.

Along the right hand side of the toolbar you will see different tabs:

Go to:

Daily Polls and answer the question to earn swagbucks.

Go to:

NOSO and skip through the offers. When you get to the end you will earn swagbucks.

Go to:

Trusted Surveys – you will automatically earn a Swagbuck. If you take any of the surveys you can earn extra Swagbucks.

When you first open Trusted Surveys you will see a Welcome Greeting. Right under that is the word Profile. Click on that, there are surveys in there, also.

Throughout the day, Swagbucks will offer special codes that you can copy and paste into the little box on the left hand side of the screen. Right under your account summary.

Must swag codes are only good for an hour or two. When I know there is one out I’ll post it on Cheapskate Cafe Facebook Page.

When you signed up for Swagbucks they should have ask you for your birthday. On your birthday Swagbucks will give you 50 swagbucks.

I hope this all makes sense. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll help you out.

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