Spring Spruce Up Series: Spring Cleaning!

For some reason whenever I think of Spring Cleaning, this is the mental image that I envision. Maybe it’s because secretly, I always wanted to grow up and be a farmer’s wife. “Green acres is the place to be. Farm livin’ is the life for me.” Okay, so I’m a little strange! I’m good with that. Most of the people who know me would agree. However, just for the record, I am not married to a farmer. Nor do I live on a farm. But believe me, if I lived in Manhattan, I’d have maid service.

I love the results of Spring Cleaning, but it is not a chore that I look forward to. I am, however, convinced that Laureen over at Mama’s Laundry Talk had me in mind when she and few other bloggers got together and came up with the plan to put together this series on Spring Spruce Up. I’m all for anything that makes my life easier. My biggest issue with the entire series is that they didn’t do a trial run here at my place. I don’t know what they were thinking…

The Spring Spruce Up Series is going to run Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Make sure to stop by each day for some Spruce Up Inspiration!

Here is an idea of what is to come:

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  1. MamaLaundry says:

    Now that picture literally made me laugh out loud!

    Thanks so much for linking to the Spring Spruce Up! Goodness knows my house needs it terribly….


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